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Chapter 6: The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

toujours pur

The younger generation gets sent to bed, and the boys all confer a bit on what they’d learned earlier that evening. Harry has strange dreams that night about Hagrid and weapons, but no hallways. The next morning, the Weasley kids, Harry, and Hermione are corralled into housecleaning duty. We meet Kreature and find out more about the Black family from the tapestry in the drawing room. The next several days are spent cleaning various rooms of all the nasties that had built up over the years.

1. Fred and George have started Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes as a mail-order service. How well could this business really be doing? Who, besides other students at Hogwarts, would really be interested in buying fake wands and trick sweets? Is there really a big enough market for them to compete with Zonko’s?
2. Even accounting for Kreature, Mundungus, and Fred and George pilfering from the rubbish sacks, there’s an awful lot of dangerous magical stuff to be hauled away from Grimmauld Place. What do you suppose they did with it all?
3. What was your first reaction to Kreature? Harmless and eccentric or something more evil?
4. How does a permanent sticking charm work? How deep does it go? If you took down the whole wall behind it, would you be able to remove the tapestry or picture?

87 - Number of doxies that came out of the curtains in the drawing room.

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