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Chapter 5: The Order of the Phoenix

aka Mrs. Weasley Tries to Give a Lot of Orders

Harry ‘meets’ Sirius’ mother. Sirius wins round 1 of the battle with Mrs. Weasley over who controls Harry. More from the Ministry of Back-story on What the Members of the Order Did During Their Summer Vacation.

1. “Dumbledore must have had his reasons for not wanting Harry to know too much”. It sounds as though even the members of the Order don’t know why Dumbledore wants to keep Harry in the dark. Shouldn’t he have gotten input from the other adults in Harry’s life? Is this an early indication of Dumbledore’s fallibility?
2. Why is Sirius in hiding from Voldemort? I can understand why he doesn’t want the Ministry of Magic to know where he is, but why does it matter if Voldemort knows?
3. The weapon. What did you think it was the first time you read this?
4. The Ministry has been going to a great deal of trouble to quash rumors of You-Know-Who’s return. Why? Is it just political maneuverings to keep the public calm, or is there a more sinister motive?

Gah, I'm hurrying to get this done, so the summary is insanely short. Sorry 'bout that. Feel free to add your own bits! :)

eta: 87 - Average number of times Mrs. Black has to be silenced every day.
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