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Chapter 11: Professor Umbridge or In Which I Can't Think of a Spiffy Title.

Chapter 11: Professor Umbridge or In Which I Can't Think of a Spiffy Title.

Seamus has proclaimed Harry is Teh Liar and is pretty much ignoring him, which doesn't make Harry happy. F&G warn the trio about OWL year and are subsequently proved right. Hermione proves she is a human tape recorder. Cho attempts to flirt with Harry and Ron is unsurprisingly tactless. Ron and Hermione bicker like a married couple, making all the Shippers SQuee. Potions sucks. Ron makes Harry feel bad (justifiably) and then divination sucks. Ron may be eaten by a giant marshmallow. Umbridge's class sucks almost as much as potions, everyone tries to find out why they can't use spells in a defense class, and Harry storms out to have tea with McG.

1. This is one of my favorite chapters in the book. Between Harry and Ron's spats, Ron's dream about Quidditch (which illicited the Marshmallow line, which I adore), and then the whole scene at the end in Umbridge's class, culminating in McG practically forcing Harry to eat a cookie. This is so full of humor, angst, romance. . . this chapter has everything!

2. How do you think Ron feels about the twins attempts at the joke shop? How do you think he feels as compared to Hermione?

3. Is Snape being especially nasty to Harry this year? Is this just par for the course?

4. Aside from the visuals of these kids raising their hands when Umbridge tells thme to and her pointedly ignoring them, what struck you most about this scene? What did you come away with from the DADA lesson?

5. McG rocks. Amazingly so in this chapter. How do you think she feels about the note Umbridge sends her? What do you think Umbridge was expecting?

87: number of times Umbridge ignored someone after telling them to raise their hands.
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