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Chapter 12: Detention with Dolores or OMB this bitch is siriusly freaking me out

Chapter 12: Detention with Dolores or OMB this bitch is siriusly freaking me out

Harry gets out of School Day From Hell and heads to dinner, where he is confronted by 87000 students who still don't believe him but have heard he told Umbridge where to stick it. Hermione asks him to please stop taking his frustrations out on her and Ron and then proceeds to lay the smack down on F&G for poisoning Ickle Firsties. Hermione makes flacid spatulas for the house elves and then hides them. Ron, being a gentleman, puts them in plain view. The next day dawns to McG telling them to STUDY if they don't want to suck and Grubbly-Plank giving an amazing lesson in which Harry almost kills his bowtruckle. Luna is loony, Ernie is ostentatious and Angelina channels Wood. Ron makes Keeper (yayness) Harry goes to detention, where Umbridge is so freaking creepy I can't even write about it.

1. Hermione and her SPEW. Do you think she is going about this the right way? Do you think this adds or detracts from the storyline?

2. Did you think Ron would make the Quidditch team? Before we got the spoiler, I mean.

3. Why, at this point, did you think Harry didn't tell anyone about Umbridge's detentions? Why doesn't anyone notice?

4. What the hell is up with this woman, anyway? I mean, making a student write lines in his own BLOOD?! OMBWTFBBQ!

5. When Harry feels his scar sear when Umbridge touched him the last time, what did you think?

87000000000000: times Harry had to write "I will not tell lies"
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