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Chapter 17: Educational Decree #24 or In which Umbridge is evil and surprises no one

Life is good for Harry, but not for long. Umbridge bans clubs, thus killing the Quidditch team's reason for living. We learn that boys can't go into the girls' dorm, which is good for future reference. Hedwig gets the smack laid down on her and Sirius sends a message. Malfoy is a git and Snape gets observed. Trewlawney is on probation, Sirius encourages Harry to break the rules again and is almost caught breaking the law himself by Umbridge's pudgy hands.

1. What motivation does Umbridge have for favoring the Slytherins as heavily as she does?

2. How does Binns not notice an owl coming into his classroom and sitting on "Perkins'" shoulder?

3. How on earth did Umbridge even catch Hedwig? I can't imagine the frog flying.

4. More evidence that Snape wants the DADA position but Dumbledore won't let him. Why do you think he won't switch Snape to teach what he wants?

5. How can two people from two different fires come into the same floo at once?

87: number of icky rings Umbridge wears
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