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Chapter 18: Dumbledore's Army or In Which Harry Teaches Others to Lay The Smack Down

Trio learns silencing charms, which comes in handy later in the story. Quidditch is back on, but only through the grace of Dumbledore. Hermione starts to get cold feet over the whole DA idea. The weather sucks and Ron still can't catch. Harry is clarevoyant. Winky is still a drunk. Dobby shows Harry the Room of Requirement, which has got to be the COOLEST room EVAH. Ginny comes up with the one name that would completely kill their group should the parchment be found. Harry teaches each of them to Lay the Smacketh down on each other properly and Cho hits on Harry.

1. Do you think Winky will ever play a main role in the story again? Will her drunkeness and anger (possibly at Dumbledore) be a factor?

2. Why on earth does Hermione, who is usually damn smart, write Dumbledore's Army on the top of the page instead of just DA?

3. What is Ron's main problem when it comes to life, the universe and Quidditch?

4. Gotta say it again. How freaking spiffy is the RoQ? I mean, if you thought "I need a chocolate malt", would a chocolate malt appear?

5. Yay for Neville! Do you think his work with the DA will help his characters confidence more and more as the story continues?

87: dark detectors in the RoQ
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