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Chapter 25: The Beetle at Bay or Bad Thing Happen to Good People

Chapter 25: The Beetle at Bay or Bad Thing Happen to Good People

Breakout at Azkaban and everyone flips out. Fudge is still a moron. Hermione is now regularly saying Voldie's name and being more of a man than Ron in that respect. Bode has bitten the dust. Hagrid looks like he's been mauled by zombies and is on probation. Decree number 87 stating teacher's can no longer really teach goes through. Neville rocks (well, more than usual). Occlumency sucks. Harry has a date. Cho whines. Skeeter looks like hell and is even more of a bitch to Hermione than usual, but for good reason, as Hermione absolutely pwns. Harry gives an interview that will shock the nation and Luna hums "Weasley is our king".

1. It never really says if the Dementors have agreed to help Voldemort or not. Do you think they have, or did the escaped death eaters simply have the added bonus of Voldemort to get them out?

2. If Umbridge truly believes the escapees got out to find Sirius and not Voldemort, what is the harm in teachers perpetuating this falsehood? Why the ban on talking about thigns you don't teach?

3. Neville is working tremendously hard in this chapter and showing some serious aptitude in DADA. Why do you think this is?

4. Cho, Cho, Cho, Cho, Cho. . . How can you be upset at Harry for seeing Hermione when you bring up your dead ex boyfriend in the middle of your first date?!

5. How much does Hermione rock in this chapter?! She just exudes confidence and power and she's such a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Rita.

87: Ways Rita Skeeter would like to crucify Hermione through journalism.
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